Monday, February 14, 2011

The World According to Nicole

Nicole is at the age where the things she says make us laugh and/or cringe all at the same time.  Here are a few quotes thus far from our sweet 4 year old that are ones to remember:

In order to build camaraderie and comfortableness, my dentist invited Nicole to look into my mouth with him during his examination.  Nicole's response:  "I'm NOT a DOCTOR!"   And then to no one in particular, but loud enough for us all to hear, smugly she says, "I'm a princess." 

When discussing the fact that Nicole was going to need to get some "pokes" (shots) to keep her healthy:  "IF SHE GIVES ME A SHOT, THEN I'M GOING TO GET MY SHOTTER AND GIVE HER A SHOT!"

Nicole was refusing to share one of her princess band aids with Megan, so I said that I would have to take the box if she wasn't going to share.  Nicole's response:  "Mom, if you take my band aids, then I'm going to take your rings!"

When driving in the car:  N: "Dad, are you going the speedway?" D:  "Yes, Nicole, I'm driving the speed limit."  N: "Well, don't drive like a maniac."

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